Bubb-Clarke Family History and Ancestry


This genealogy website is dedicated to tracing the Bubb-Clarke family.

The family patriarch can be considered to be John Bubb, born 17 August 1840, in Newisham, Surrey (now part of London) to Edmund Thomas Bubb and Emma Turney.

Unfortunately, in July 1841, John Bubb's father passed away. In July 1844, John's mother remarried, to William John Clarke.

William raised John Bubb as his own son, and to honour that, John changed his surname to Bubb-Clarke.

John immigrated to Jamaica and had many, many Bubb-Clarke children. You can see this family tree at:
Bubb-Clarke Family Tree.

The family of John's mother, the Turney family, is also quite large. You can view the top part of the Turney Family Tree here or the entire Turney Family Tree.

Of note too is the family of Emma's paternal grandmother, the Biggs family, for which you can find the Biggs Family Tree here.

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